Sliding Rail, Coexhaust

Technical Details and Specifications of CoExhaust Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Sliding Rail System

The CoExhaust Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Rail System (VEER) is an affordable and flexible solution for removing vehicle exhaust fumes from large areas, making it suitable for all types of workshops and mechanical repair facilities. The system eliminates the need for costly and infrequently used exhaust units, minimizing capital expenditures, and reducing heat and cooling losses. Furthermore, energy savings are realized because of smaller fan requirements.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Sliding Rail System

The Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Siding Rail System is highly flexible and efficient, allowing it to service all types of workshops. The system uses a “simple crop” or hose reel that can slide along the rails, servicing multiple areas throughout the workshop. This makes the system highly cost-effective.

The rail system is connected to a control exhaust fan, which can be mounted to an external wall, on the roof, or from the beams. A spiral duct will connect to the end or middle of the rail and run to the central exhaust fan. The fan should be properly selected, and customers are advised to contact CoExhaust for proper fan selection if unsure.

Sliding Rail, Coexhaust

High-Quality Construction

The rail is made from 5″ profile extruded aluminum with no seams and includes a continuous integrated top U channel for mounting. It also includes EPDM rubber flaps that seal the rail when under negative pressure but still allow the trolley to glide through. The trolley is constructed from heavy-gauge welded steel and includes nylon rollers that run smoothly in a groove, preventing release or falling from the rail.

The rail comes with an adapter collar to allow for clamp-on connection of hoses (3, 4, 5, 6 or 8″) specified. All rails are supplied with adequate mounting brackets, couplings (when joining lengths), end caps, and end duct connections, which are included in the pricing. Trolleys for CoExhaust hose reels require a special support trolley. The rail can be mounted from the wall or ceiling as required.

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