Coexhaust takes pride in offering robust and efficient volume control dampers, recognizing the critical importance of pressure balance in subways and tunnels for structural integrity. Various factors such as high winds, smoke, and fire control become crucial in emergency incidents, where lives are at risk. To address these concerns, Coexhaust has dedicated its expertise to create a volume control damper that surpasses expectations.

Our volume control dampers have undergone rigorous testing at AMCA facilities and have demonstrated exceptional performance. Specifically engineered and designed for use in transit tunnel systems, subways, and environments requiring tight shutoff at high velocity and pressure, our dampers meet and exceed industry standards.

These dampers align with the NFPA 130 standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems, as well as the NFPA 502 standard for roads, tunnels, and other limited access highways. Some notable features of our product include the robustness and resistance of its construction and materials. The sealing capabilities and the ability to withstand pressure are unparalleled, consistently surpassing expectations. Our volume control dampers provide a reliable solution for maintaining safety and structural integrity in transit systems and high-pressure environments.

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