Coexhaust offers a range of products for welding fume extraction and source capture of dust and smoke. Our innovative arms facilitate easy positioning and work, establishing a secure environment for all workers. We provide portable units with single or double arms for smaller extraction purposes, and we can design larger extraction systems for applications where multiple arms combined with a ventilation system are required. Extracting welding fumes directly at the source offers additional benefits, such as safeguarding surrounding equipment. Metal dust accumulation in unwanted areas, leading to premature equipment breakage, is mitigated.

Path of dust and fumes: The capture of dust and gases occurs in three phases, each crucial for ensuring the safety of workers and the environment:

  1. Capture: Our source capture equipment, strategically placed at the origin of dust emissions, draws particles into the arm as soon as they are released into the air, preventing the formation of a dust cloud and rapid dispersion.
  2. Transport: Once the particles enter the arm, they are transported through a ducting system to the next phase – a filtration system.
  3. Filtration/Evacuation: After entering the ducting system, the dust can be directed either outside or through a filtration system for redistribution inside the facility. This approach not only enhances safety but also conserves energy and financial resources.

Welding fume dangers: As per OSHA guidelines, inhaling welding fumes can lead to short-term issues like dizziness, nausea, or irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat. Long-term exposure can have severe consequences, including fatal outcomes such as lung, larynx, and urinary tract cancer. Damage to the nervous system and kidneys are also known long-term side effects.

Source capture and dust collection for welding have been proven as the best and most efficient solutions to protect workers, equipment, and the environment.

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