COExhaust Exhaust Nozzles


COExhaust Exhaust Nozzles

Select from a wide variety of Exhaust nozzles when you choose CoExhaust ! We have developed a tailpipe nozzle to suit almost any vehicle. Choose from oval or round, 3′ to 12″ inlet diameters and connect to 3″ 4″, 5″ 6″ or 8″ hoses on reels or hose drops. We have nozzles for dual tailpipes and with either clamp on grip, internal grip (grips the tailpipe from the inside to prevent scratching or damage). Our tailpipe adapters are made with either metal , stainless steel (for high temperature) or EPDM rubber. Most include a CO analysis port for exhaust gas testing. For central exhaust systems you can select a tailpipe adapter that has a damper, in order to reduce heating or cooling loss. Our patented hose handle prevents the mechanic from having to handle hot, dirty hoses !


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