Cyclone dust collectors


Cyclone dust collectors

Coexhaust cyclone dust collectors use centrifugal energy to separate large and medium size particles from the air. The spiraling effect brings those particles towards the bottom of the cyclone and into a dust storage system. Clean air is then drawn upward into the inner cylinder to a blower and discharged into the atmosphere or into an after-filter system for additional filtration efficiency. Clean air can then be recycled back into the facility for maximum energy savings. The narrow footprint of the cyclone dust collector allows interior or exterior installation without losing valuable floor space. The Coexhaust cyclone dust collector is an enclosed type dust collector that can be used with different dusts such as wood, metal, composites, chemicals, agricultural or food grade. It is strongly advised  not to mix wood and metal dust applications or any other different dust in the Coexhaust cyclone dust collector. Not following these precautions could create a fire or an explosion. All our horizontal cartridge dust collectors respect NFPA regulations, once again, our team will happily guide you through all the norms and standards to assure the safety of your dust collector. Our Coexhaust cyclone dust collector unit can be added as first filtration system for bigger units.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Minimal field assembly
  • Minimal footprint
  • Spinning cyclonic effect on large particles
  • High efficiency
  • Can be connected to a dust collector
  • Ideal for wood, plastic or metal transforming industries


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