Exhaust ducting trolley system


The exhaust ducting trolley CoExhaust system is designed to draw and remove smoke, gas and dust pollutants from working areas. The sliding trolleys travel easily on casters outside of the rail ensuring that the interior of the rail is smooth and has minimum static pressure. The rubber lips open and close as the trolley moves along the rail minimizing air loss. The CoExhaust can be mounted on ceiling or wall supports according to applications. It can be fitted with one or more  fume arms, hose reels or  hose drops for vehicle fume extraction. Some of our outstanding standard features : Multiple rail segments can be installed end to end. The basic element of the duct is a 6’ (1.8m) segment. Its aluminium construction is optimized to minimize hanging weight.
  • Duct and sliding trolley ­combination
  • Multiple segment connection
  • Choices of 6’’(152 mm) or 9’’(229 mm) or trolley diameters
  • Trolley on ball bearing casters
  • Lightweight aluminum ­construction
  • Easy installation
  • Welding and fume capture
  • Vehicle maintenance shops
  • Low ceiling facilities
  • Linear or assembly lines
  • Ideal for low ceiling facilities


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