Telescoping Arm


The CoExhaust telescoping fume arm is designed for ease of use and is maintenance free. It is the perfect solution for welding school booths and confined areas where limited reach movement is required and ceilng spaces are low But lateral amovement is still required. The CoExhaust Telescoping arm is clear and free of any support mechanisms inside the arm. All supports are exterior, easy to access for arm adjustment. It’s smooth and effortless extension coupled with a wrist type movement of the hood provides the user with maximum versatility to reach testing areas for arc, stick, upside down and all types of welding and allows the user fingertip 360° rotation. Robust construction consists of cold rolled steel mounting swivel 3/16″ steel with 3/16″ Plate steel mounting brackets . With heavy duty cast aluminum joints, and tubes manufactured of 22 Gauge steel with the lower tube of Stainless steel with a spun aluminum hood and air diverter to increase capture velocity. The hood includes a handle all around for easy grip of movement and is counter supported supported by an external gas shock. The CoExhaust telescoping fume arm has lower pressure drop , resulting in lower power requirements for fans, and lower static pressures on a fume extraction system overall because of its interior smooth tube design and lack of internal supports.



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