Coexhaust is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for heavy-duty exhaust extraction, source capture, and dust collection, particularly catering to defense teams involved in automobile and tank maintenance. The protection of workers’ health from exhaust systems and welding fumes is a top priority. The use of source capture equipment is crucial during repairs, especially those involving welding, which generates substantial fumes. Repairs on military vehicles involve more complexity than on standard cars, with materials that are thicker and tougher.

Carbon monoxide health risks:
Carbon monoxide, a known hazard, poses risks to the health of workers exposed daily, regardless of the quantity. Symptoms vary based on concentration and exposure duration, ranging from headaches, fatigue, and malaise to vision problems, unusual behavior, and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, continuous exposure can lead to permanent damage.

Welding fume risks:
Inhaling welding fumes, as highlighted by OSHA, can result in short-term problems such as dizziness, nausea, or irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat. The long-term consequences can be fatal, with prolonged exposure potentially causing lung, larynx, and urinary tract cancer. Damage to the nervous system and kidneys are also recognized long-term side effects.

Path of dust and fumes:
The capture of dust and gases occurs in three phases to ensure the safety of workers and the environment:

Capture: Our source capture equipment, strategically placed at the origin of dust emissions, promptly draws particles into the arm as soon as they are released into the air, preventing the formation of a dust cloud and rapid dispersion.

Transport: Once the particles enter the arm, they are efficiently transported through a duct system towards the third step, a filtration system.

Filtration/Evacuation: After entering the ducting system, the dust can be directed either outside or through a filtration system for redistribution inside the facility, contributing to energy savings and financial resource conservation.

Source capture and dust collecting have been proven as the best and most efficient methods to protect workers, equipment, and the environment in heavy-duty and complex industrial settings.

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