Improving work conditions and ensuring long-term health benefits are paramount in the mining industry. CoExhaust understands the significance of source capture and dust collecting to enhance the well-being of workers and maintain optimal working conditions in mines. Failure to collect dusts and fumes would result in a constant black cloud, hindering productivity, poisoning workers, and rapidly deteriorating their health.

The right dust collector is crucial to address these challenges, especially concerning the risk of explosions. A scrubber water-type dust collector is identified as the best solution to prevent explosions, a critical priority to safeguard everyone in the mine.

Path of dust and fumes:
The capture of dust and gases involves three essential phases to ensure the safety of workers and the environment:

Capture: CoExhaust’s source capture equipment, strategically placed at the origin of dust emissions, promptly draws particles into the arm as soon as they are released into the air, preventing the formation of a dust cloud and rapid dispersion.

Transport: Once the particles enter the arm, they are efficiently transported through a duct system towards the third step, a filtration system.

Filtration/Evacuation: After entering the ducting system, the dust can be directed either outside or through a filtration system for redistribution inside the facility, contributing to energy savings and financial resource conservation.

Combustible dust risks:
Addressing combustible dust hazards is a top priority in mining dust collection. CoExhaust’s experts are ready to guide you through the complexities of dust dangers, ensuring compliance with requirements and standards such as those set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ATEX standards. They will assist you in selecting the right products to guarantee the safety of everyone in the working environment. To determine if your dust is combustible, you can consult the OSHA dust poster on combustible dust.

Source capture and dust collecting for the mining industry have been proven as the best solution and the most efficient method to protect workers, equipment, and the environment.

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